Course Overview

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Year 7 French Spanish  
Year 8 French Spanish German
Year 9 French Spanish German
Year 10 French Spanish German
Year 11 French Spanish German


Learning a language is a creative process which develops communication skills and adaptability. The ability to interact with speakers of other languages unlocks the joy of seeing things from a range of perspectives and encourages problem solving. The study of Modern Foreign Languages enables access to and understanding of other cultures and languages and a better understanding of one’s own. Language learning requires discipline, resilience, confidence and risk-taking – essential assets to become global citizens.

Ambition for our pupils

Pupils will be able to express their opinions and ideas about a range of familiar topics, understand others, and enquire about them in one or two languages. They will develop communication strategies, memory skills, an understanding of grammar and an ability to learn independently. After leaving the College, these transferable skills will enable pupils to further their education in the language(s) they have been taught, to pick up another language and/or to apply their language skills in real life situations.

The structure of our curriculum

Almost all pupils will study at least one language at key stage 3, Spanish or French. Some pupils will also study German in Year 8 and 9. French, Spanish and German are all offered as GCSE options at key stage 4.

In each language, through the study of three main themes: 1. identity and culture; 2. local, national, international and global areas of interest; 3. current and future study and employment; pupils will practise a range of skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Translation) and develop grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. They will also be exposed to authentic materials. This will allow them to communicate effectively in a range of circumstances and contexts.

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