Our vision

Our mission at Sawston Village College is to unlock potential, create opportunity and achieve excellence in all aspects of our work, an ambition that applies equally to pupils and staff. As a result, we expect all learners to leave school having: achieved to their highest academic potential; embraced all available opportunities; learned how to value, respect and care for each other; taken responsibility to support their school and the wider community, and developed the essential skills, personal resilience and confidence to be successful in education, employment and life.

This vision underpins all of our work, setting out the purpose of education as we see it if we are to create prosperous and successful people who will contribute to our society.

To achieve this, we expect pupils to conduct themselves with kindness, generosity of spirit, politeness, humility, compassion and respect. At the heart of our expectations are the values we hold dear:

  • Community (‘Take Part’); we are stronger when we thrive together;
  • Ambition (‘Aim High’); we reach further when we believe in ourselves and each other;
  • Respect (‘Be Kind’); we are better when we look out for each other; 
  • Endeavour (‘Work Hard’); we achieve more when we apply ourselves fully.

We are proud to be part of Anglian Learning, a highly successful school trust of fifteen academies that have come together to provide outstanding education and learning for our communities. Together, we believe education can play a transformational role in the lives of children and in the success of our young people.


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