Course Overview

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Year 10 Food and Nutrition
Year 11 Food and Nutrition


Food Preparation and Nutrition creates informed, thoughtful consumers of food with a passion for cooking. It aims to develop fundamental life skills such as how to produce food safely and effectively. It teaches the importance of food choices and their influence on health and on the fast-changing world; and it encourages pupils to have the confidence to experiment and have fun when cooking.

Ambition for our pupils

Pupils studying Food Preparation and Nutrition will gain an understanding of nutrition and the importance of a well-balanced and healthy diet. They will be given opportunities to develop skills to produce a wide range of dishes effectively and safely. They will be able to apply their knowledge and skills confidently, making healthy food choices throughout life. The course will give pupils a solid grounding, which could lead to a broad range of study and career opportunities in the future.

The structure of our curriculum

Food Preparation and Nutrition is studied by all pupils at key stage 3, as part of a carousel of lessons, alongside Design Technology. It can be taken as a GCSE option at key stage 4. 

The curriculum is structured around two key themes which are revisited throughout the programme of study:

  1. Understanding the function and the chemical properties of ingredients: enabling pupils to choose and produce safe, successful and nutritious dishes; encouraging them to be creative and confident when planning and presenting food products. 
  2. Food choices and environmental issues: exploring the issues of food miles, sustainability, seasonality and fair trade; and comparing the nutritional, dietary and health needs that arise throughout different stages of life.


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