Leadership Opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved in leadership activities at Sawston Village College.

Firstly, we have the Pupil Forums: Ethos, Eco/Animal,  Arts, Equality/Diversity, Sports, Wellbeing and International. These groups, open to all pupils, are dedicated to improving the school and wider community, locally and internationally.  

The forums are led by members of the Pupil Senate, senior Year 11 pupils who pass a rigorous application process. They, under the guidance of the Heads of Senate, represent the voice of pupils here at Sawston.

When pupils first join the College in Year 7 they are supported in their transition by the Year 8 House Mate team. These pupils are also appointed following an application process and are there to help the new pupils in each of the Houses.

We also have Sports Leaders, RE Leaders, the Tech. Crew and Sawston Cinema team, along with regular opportunities to support the College with teacher interviews, review panels and giving guided tours. We are always looking for new ways of developing those essential leadership skills in our pupils, so new ideas are welcomed.

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