Using the bus or coach

Although the majority of pupils at Sawston Village College either walk or cycle to the College, more than 400 pupils arrive on site each day by bus or coach.

We currently have six designated school buses, all of which are supplied by Andrews Coaches. These are called the SW01 through to the SW06. 

Transport for Pupils Entitled to Free Transport

The SW01 to SW06 are mainly for pupils who are entitled to free transport to the College. If you wish to check whether your child is entitled to free transport, please contact Education Transport directly or follow the link below:

The Paying Bus Service

The College currently supplies paying transport to some pupils who do not qualify for free school transport. This is for pupils who live in Foxton, Fowlmere, Harston and Thriplow. The cost of this service is reviewed on a termly basis. If you wish to apply for a place on a paying bus service, then look out for the termly email or contact Assistant Principal, Alan Sutton, directly at

The 607 Public Bus

Stagecoach also runs the 607 public bus service, which picks up and drops off from the school playground each day. This has stops in Trumpington and Great Shelford. If you wish to view the timetable for this bus, then please visit the Stagecoach website at

It is also possible to catch the Citi 7 public bus service from the bus stop opposite the police station. This covers a similar route to the 607 but includes more stops.

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