Course Overview

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Year 10 Business Studies
Year 11 Business Studies


Business Studies introduces pupils to the foundational concepts and terminology of the business world; to the integrated nature of business activity; and to the impact of business on individuals and wider society. Ultimately, it helps young people to understand and prepare for the world of work and adult life.

Ambition for our pupils

Our aim is to encourage each pupil to nurture their business, economics and enterprise skills. We want them to appreciate the legal, social, economic, political, technological and environmental contexts within which individuals, households, firms and the government operate. At the same time, we hope to develop effective and independent young people who are capable of critical and reflective thinking: young people with enquiring minds that they use to make informed judgements. 

The structure of our curriculum

Business Studies can be taken as a GCSE option at key stage 4 with pupils exploring the issues associated with both setting up and then operating a business. 

The programme of study is divided into two main themes:

  1. Investigating small business;
  2. Building a business.

For each theme, pupils must develop an understanding of the interdependent nature of business activity through interactions between business operations, finance, marketing and human resources. They explore the relationship between a business and the environment in which it operates, and finally, how these interdependencies and relationships underpin business decisions.

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