Course Overview

Dance conveys ideas, stories and emotions through the medium of movement. It allows participants to express themselves and their ideas in a powerful and creative way. It elicits emotions in others both individually and as a collective and is an art form to be viewed, enjoyed and experienced.

Ambition for our pupils

Our aim is to enthuse and inspire pupils’ creativity; to develop their self-confidence, physical fitness and posture; to strengthen their technique, performance skills and artistry and; to teach them how to choreograph and perform a routine. Whether they go on to pursue a career in the field or not, our aim is for them to leave with a love and appreciation of the art form.

The structure of our curriculum

GCSE Dance is taught as an after-school class by professional teachers from the Lane Academy.

 The course is made up of 3 components:

  • Performance (30%) – incorporating both solo and group performance
  • Choreography (30%)
  • Dance Appreciation (40%)

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