At Sawston Village College the Personal Development of our pupils is paramount.  Our pupils leave the College very well prepared for life in modern Britain; they have an excellent understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance and respect.  Pupils at Sawston are able to discuss and debate issues in a considered way and are aware of views and beliefs which may be different from their own.   Our unique pastoral structure allows for high quality, holistic pastoral care. Each pupil has two staff mentors who they are able to speak with daily. Both teachers and support staff take on the role of mentor at Sawston as we feel it is critical that the welfare and wellbeing of our young people is at the forefront for all. 

Equality of opportunity and diversity are promoted at Sawston. We believe that all pupils should engage in activities which stretch their talents and interests.  The rich experiences on offer to all pupils at Sawston is something we are particularly proud of.  Opportunities for personal development are planned within the curriculum, in addition to there being an exceptional range of extra and co-curricular activities available. Trips and visits provide a big part of a child’s experience at the College, and we have a varied and broad range on offer throughout a child’s five years here.  Highlights for many include the Ardèche, Normandy and Rhineland trips during KS3, with the Battlefields, Rome and Iceland being firm favourites in KS4. 

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