Course Overview

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Year 7 Design Technology
Years 8 – 9 Design Technology
Year 10 Design Technology (GCSE)
Year 11 Design Technology (GCSE)


Design Technology teaches pupils to be resourceful, innovative and independent problem solvers. It develops a critical understanding of the impact of design and the design process on daily life and provides a fresh lens through which to view the world. It encourages pupils to be inquisitive and reflective in their thinking and open to offering and acting upon feedback and advice.

Ambition for our pupils

Our ambition is for pupils to take an iterative approach to developing design ideas; modelling, testing, analysing and refining their designs to demonstrate their development of skills and understanding over time. We aim to teach them to work in collaboration with one another; to show resilience; to embrace mistakes and to understand that setbacks are a fundamental part of learning in the pursuit of excellence. Pupils should leave Sawston Village College with a grasp of the key design concepts and skills needed to confidently continue on to post-16 study and employment.

The structure of our curriculum

Design Technology is studied by all pupils at key stage 3, as part of a carousel of lessons, alongside Food Preparation and Nutrition. It can be take as a GCSE option at key stage 4. The themes to be developed across the programme of study are:

  1. Creative responses to a brief or context;
  2. Application of technical knowledge which shows an understanding and appropriate selection of materials and equipment;
  3. Methods of production and accurate assembly of products;
  4. Effective evaluation of iterations or prototypes against an original design brief.


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