Course Overview

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Year 11 Creative iMedia


Creative iMedia offers pupils an insight into some of the fastest growing and most important global industries of the 21st century. It naturally feeds on to future study in the digital image editing, games (development), and digital photography industries and provides understanding and insights that will prepare pupils to be both producers and consumers of that content in the future. 

Ambition for our pupils

Pupils who undertake this course will leave with a vocational qualification that demonstrates their ability to understand pre-production (planning) documents that are used in the industry; that shows that they have developed skills in software packages used in the industry; and that they are able to create portfolios that evidence understanding, capability and reflection in areas including digital image creation, games design and development, and digital photography.

The structure of our curriculum

Creative iMedia is taught as an option subject at key stage 4. It builds upon elements of the Computer Science programme of study at key stage 3, in particular, the market stall Year 8 unit and the digital image editing and the games development units covered in Year 9.

The course is structured around four main themes which develop pupils’ ability to:

  1. choose, prepare, use and evaluate a range of pre-production documents including mood boards, storyboards, visualisation diagrams, mind maps, work plans and scripts; 
  2. research the current landscape of image editing software and uses; games concept and creation software; web authoring and 2D and 3D modelling software;
  3. create digital artefacts, including games concepts, games, websites and character models;
  4. evaluate and reflect upon their work, and the extent to which it meets clients’ requirements.

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