Introducing our Transition Programme

We work hard to ensure a smooth transition for all our pupils moving from primary school to join us here at Sawston Village College. Our programme has a range of elements that take place through the academic year and lead up to our new pupils joining us fully in September for the beginning of Year 7.

Beginning in Year 5

In the summer term we invite Year 5 pupils from each of our feeder primary schools for a taster morning. At this, they have the chance to meet our Year 8 House Mates, pupils who specifically support transition, experience a number of lessons and to begin to familiarise themselves with the College site. Then, later in the term, the PE department also invites the Year 5 pupils to the College to take part in an Olympic Day multi-sports competition.

Continuing in Year 6

In early October, we have an Open Evening, where prospective pupils and their families have a chance to tour the College. The evening comprises a range of presentations and demonstrations from our different departments, and allows pupils and their families to get a taste of the facilities, opportunities and curriculum available to pupils at Sawston Village College.

Once a pupil has accepted a place in our new cohort following it being offered by the Admissions Team at the County Council, the transition process begins fully. We start to gather a wide range of information about our new cohort of pupils, to help ensure the process is smooth and successful for everyone. We visit our primary schools, meet pupils and parents, and a questionnaire is completed. From the information we gain through this, we are able to develop the teaching and mentor groups for the incoming Year 7 cohort.

In late June, all of our prospective new pupils are invited to an Induction Day at the College, where they will be introduced to their mentor and teaching groups for a day of activities and lessons, giving them their first full experience of College life. The following evening parents and pupils are invited to our Induction Evening, where they have a chance to have a meeting with their mentor, to begin building the crucial relationship between family and College. Also, on this evening, there is a chance to try on and order the uniform and to attend a talk from the Heads of the Pupil Senate, the Principal and the Year 7 Lead.

Later in this summer term, the PE department again invites the Year 6 pupils to the College for a multi-sports Olympic Event. At this, pupils represent their new houses as they compete against other pupils in this new year group.

Finally, we always begin the new academic year with an orientation day for the Year 7 pupils, when only Year 7 and Year 11 pupils are in school for the first day of term. On this day, the Year 7 pupils complete a carousel of introductory activities during the morning, before beginning their new timetable later in the day.

We hope that all of these activities support our new Year 7 pupils to make a smooth and successful transition into the College.



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