The College is committed to ensuring the highest standards of behaviour and conduct from our pupils at all times, both in and out of school. To support this we have a comprehensive rewards and celebration programme based around House Points, which recognises pupil success and effort in the College.  We also have in place clear expectations regarding pupil conduct, setting out appropriate behaviour in the classroom, in and around the rest of the school and in the community. These expectations, though not exhaustive, are set out in The Sawston Way, our Code of Conduct, found in the Pupil Planner and displayed throughout the school. The Sawston Way is also outlined on this website and can be found here.  

We look to parents for support in implementing The Sawston Way.  Our aim is to prevent problems escalating, and we believe that close co-operation between home and school is essential in achieving this. If pupils know that parents support the school, it gives a very clear message that poor behaviour, which harms the individual pupil’s own learning and that of others, will not be tolerated. We also can provide additional support to our pupils through our links with external services and our membership of the East and South Cambs Inclusion Partnership. Our partnerships in supporting positive behaviour have earned national praise from the Department for Education, Education Funding Agency and contributed significantly to Ofsted citing behaviour as a strength of the College where: ‘Working relationships between teachers and pupils are positive and mutually respectful ’ in 2017. 

For full details of our approach to behaviour, please see the Behaviour and Discipline Policy in the downloads section below. This policy also contains details relating to exclusion from school.

Our anti-bullying policy can also be found in the downloads section. While bullying is rare at Sawston Village College, where it does happen, it is vital for pupils and parents to alert the school. No one should suffer in silence and, while it can be challenging to come forward, and solutions are sometimes not easy or quick to implement, we are determined to stamp out bullying where it does it occur. No child or adult has the right to deprive another of their right to education or to undermine their safety and wellbeing.


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