Bullying happens in all schools, and sadly Sawston Village College is not immune to this, however, nor are we complacent. If bullying does happen, it is vital for pupils and parents to alert the school immediately. No one should suffer in silence and, while it can be challenging to come forward, and solutions are sometimes not easy or quick to implement, we are determined to stamp out bullying where it does it occur. No child or adult has the right to deprive another of their right to education or to undermine their safety and wellbeing.

We have anti-bullying pupil and staff ambassadors in school, who have received training through the Diana Award. This involved their learning to identify bullying behaviour, how to spot the signs and symptoms of pupils affected and how best to support them. Our anti-bullying staff and pupil ambassadors work together to raise awareness and to eliminate bullying behaviour through whole-school campaigns and events.

Our anti-bullying policy can be found in the downloads section below.




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