Working closely with parents, carers and guardians

We are proud that we work closely with parents, carers and guardians in support of our pupils.  We welcome a positive partnership with parents, focused on ensuring our pupils are safe, happy and able to achieve academic and personal success.

Our pastoral support structure is strongly resourced as we understand the importance of this aspect of our work. Each pupil has a mentor and co-mentor (within a vertical house system) and a dedicated Year Lead. Our Year Leads for Years 8-11 are non-teaching, experienced practitioners with a range of backgrounds. Each is also a Head of House organising celebration, healthy competition and a community within a community. Our Year 7 group is led by an Assistant Principal who also oversees Y6-7 transition and whose focus is the safe and effective induction of our youngest pupils.

Supporting this team are a non-teaching Director of Alternative Provision and Inclusion and a Director of Safeguarding, Welfare and Pastoral Support, both of whom are members of our Senior Leadership Team. In addition, we have an Inclusion Manager, an Inclusion Assistant, and a Behaviour and Attendance Officer. All work closely with our SEND department, led by our SENDCo and supported by our Deputy SENDCo.

A member of SLT is linked to each year group and there are regular meetings between all of the above to address safeguarding, attendance, welfare, behaviour and pastoral matters.

Keeping you informed

At the start of each academic year, we prepare a Parent Handbook for each year group. This includes vital information about contacts, the school day and the curriculum.

Each week, we send home (via InTouch email) a Weekly Round-Up keeping parents informed of the latest news, advice and information.

Each half-term, we send home a newsletter (via InTouch email) offering a more detailed account of events and summarising departmental work.

Each term, we produce a pupil-edited magazine, The Fountain, sharing pupils’ creative energy and significant events in College life.

We issue data reports three times a year for each pupil showing attainment, progression and attitudes to learning.

We have active Twitter and Facebook accounts shared via our website.

We have a community noticeboard on New Road with key information, vacancies and promotion of Adult Learning, our Sports Centre and our Arts programmes.

Parents Events

Annually, we run the following events for parents:

  • Post-16 Information Evening
  • Work Experience Information Evening
  • Assessment, Recording and Reporting Information Evening for New Parents
  • Information Evening for Year 10 and core subject workshops
  • Information Evening for Year 11 and core subject workshops
  • Meet the Mentor Evening for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10
  • Options Evening for Year 9
  • Parents’ Evening for Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Residential Trips information evenings (for pupils going on trips)

Additionally, we run other events for parents, such as:

  • Safeguarding information, e.g., online safety or substance abuse
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing
  • Supporting pupils with national exams

We also invite parents to attend:

  • West Road Music Concert
  • Great St Mary’s Christmas Carol Service
  • Fountain Court Music evening (‘Outdoor Gig’)
  • Y11 Music Concert
  • KS3 Music Concert
  • Singers’ Concert
  • Annual School Drama Production
  • House Celebration (Prize-Giving) Evening

We also host at the Marven Centre:

  • SYD Junior Drama production
  • SYD Senior Drama production
  • Cinema screenings
  • National Theatre Live events

Who and how to contact us

  • For attendance matters, contact your child’s mentor
  • For specific information or pastoral support, contact your child’s mentor and/or co-mentor
  • For broader pastoral support or significant concerns, contact your child’s Year Lead
  • For safeguarding concerns, contact your child’s Year Lead or the Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • For academic subject-specific concerns, contact your child’s teacher
  • For broader academic concerns, contact your child’s Year Lead
  • For SEND information or concerns, contact our SENDCo or Deputy SENDCo
  • For exams information, contact our Exams Officer
  • For general information, contact the office

In the first instance, an email is the preferred method of communication. Staff can be contacted by telephone but may not always be immediately available to support.

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