Course Overview

Hairdressing offers a window into the hair and beauty industry. In the College’s purpose-built salon, pupils hone their skills in a simulated but realistic learning environment. Whilst ideally suited to those aspiring to a career in the industry, the course is equally relevant to pupils with a general interest in hair and beauty, or a desire to gain simulated practical experience of the world of work.

Ambition for our pupils

Pupils studying Hairdressing will leave the College with a knowledge and understanding of key aspects of the Hair and Beauty Industry. They will learn about professionalism and teamwork in the workplace, building up their confidence and skills in hair styling, hair colouring and developing a ‘look’ (combining complementary hair, make-up and clothing).

The structure of our curriculum

The course blends practical and theory elements with pupils assessed on a final portfolio of work. The course covers the following units:

  • Introduction to the hair and beauty sector;
  • Presenting a professional image in a salon;
  • Shampooing and conditioning;
  • Plaiting and styling women’s hair;
  • Creating an image using colour;
  • Hair colouring using temporary colour;
  • Creating a hair and beauty image;
  • Health and safety in the salon;
  • Working with others in the hair and beauty sector.


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