Course Overview

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Year 8 Art
Year 9 Art
Year 10 Art
Year 11 Art


Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. In an increasingly visually dominant world, an art education aims to produce perceptive people, able to notice, appreciate and question their surroundings. It gives individuals more than just practical skills. It tries to get deeper, to affect the way pupils see and think about things, to develop a sense of curiosity,  self-expression, independent thinking  and problem-solving skills. 

Ambition for our pupils

We believe in the value of Art for every child. The aim of the Art department is to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. As pupils progress, they will be asked to think critically and to develop a more rigorous understanding of how art and design reflects and shapes our history, both in the Western world and across other cultures.

The structure of our curriculum

Art is studied by all pupils at key stage 3 and can be taken as a GCSE option at key stage 4. Each year, the programme of study is designed around the following objectives:

  • to improve skills and confidence through the engagement and enjoyment of making art;
  • to explore and experiment with a variety of different media and techniques;
  • to develop a personal learning style by building on strengths;
  • To evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design;
  • to become increasingly independent, learning how to make effective choices and actions when creating art.

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