Subjects at key stage 4

All pupils follow the core subjects: English Language and English Literature; Maths; Physics, Chemistry & Biology in the trilogy, or separate science format; PE and RE. 

In addition, pupils choose four subjects from option blocks. Last year, all pupils secured their first choice preferences. There are 23 option subjects offered (including three after school). The majority are GCSE courses but there are 7 other non-GCSE qualifications, including BTEC, Asdan, City and Guilds, and NCFE certificated courses. The majority of pupils take a combination of courses enabling them to access the English Baccalaureate. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups for all option courses. 

Table 2 lists the subjects offered and curriculum hours allocated to each. For further information, including specific curriculum content, assessment details and setting arrangements for individual subjects, please see the specific subject areas here and the separate handbooks for parents available in the parents’ section of the website here.

Table 2: Key stage 4 subject hours per 2-week cycle

All qualifications are GCSE unless stated.


¹ Higher set pupils follow the separate GCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; leading to three GCSE qualifications. All other pupils follow the combined ‘Trilogy’ course which covers all three sciences and leads to two GCSE qualifications.

² Core PE is a non-examination course.

³ Pupils complete the GCSE short course RE qualification in Years 9 and 10.

⁴ Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

⁵ Foundation learners may follow a reduced number of options subjects with the time given over to additional literacy, numeracy and functional skills and/or additional, appropriate level 1 qualifications.

PSHE/CEIAG: The programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, including Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance continues through assemblies, structured mentor time and two collapsed timetable, conference days each year. Year 11 pupils also have a 1-hour taught lesson of CEIAG each fortnight.

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