Subjects at key stage 3

All key stage 3 pupils follow the same curriculum accessing 15 subjects, the vast majority of which are taught by subject specialists.

Table 1 below outlines the subjects taught and the subject hours per 2-week cycle. For further information, including specific curriculum content, assessment details and setting arrangements for individual subjects, please see the specific subject areas here and the separate handbooks for parents available in the parents’ section here.


¹ All Year 7 pupils have a fortnightly lesson entitled CARE / Arts Award to develop their study skills and self-awareness as learners. At this time, they also undertake the Bronze Arts Award, a level 1 qualification accredited through Trinity College London. 

² Depending on need, small numbers of pupils will follow a literacy booster programme instead of some or all of their language lessons. Where they make sufficient progress in their literacy, they may be re-integrated into French or Spanish.

³ Dual linguists only – Pupils in the top language sets in Year 8 and 9 split their total of five hours of language lessons to study German alongside either French or Spanish. In Year 9, pupils study a third hour of German in place of the seventh hour of English.

PSHE/CEIAG: All pupils follow a programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, including Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance; delivered through assemblies, structured mentor time and two collapsed timetable, conference days each year.


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