In 2021, we introduced our CARE values. These help shape our work and our expectations of our pupils and each other. These values are prominently displayed around the College and determine our College Improvement Plan, our code of conduct, our rewards and celebration systems.  

Ten years previously we introduced our ASPIRE principles and, whilst these are no longer a prominent feature of everyday life at the College, they serve as a useful reminder of the development of our culture and are still qualities and attributes we think are important for our young people to have. They were developed by staff and pupils to set out the core habits and behaviours that underpin successful, lifelong learners who are able to contribute purposefully to their local, national and international communities through economic wellbeing and active citizenship.

A = Achieving
S = Self-motivated
P = Positive
I = Independent
R = Respectful
E = Engaged


The films on this page explain more.  

The first film introduces the principles of ASPIRE, while the second shows what ASPIRE means to our pupils.  The second film was conceived, written and scripted by pupils, working in partnership with a professional filmmaker as part of a project supported by the local Arts Society.  Pupils helped with film production, resulting in a film of which they are rightly proud.




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