Pupil Code of Conduct

The Sawston Way is our Pupil Code of Conduct.
To uphold and promote the core aims and values of the College, each pupil is asked to:

• be kind to all members of the school community: pupils, staff and visitors;
be positive about themselves and others, willing to work together to find solutions;
• be brave and ask for help if they need it or if they think someone else might need support;
be punctual and attend school every day;
• be prepared to learn, fully equipped and ready to give everything a go;
be focused and work to the best of their ability, even if they find tasks challenging;
• be supportive of others, enabling them to be able to succeed, flourish and thrive;
be respectful of all members of the College and wider community, valuing diversity and difference;
• be ready to follow all the College’s rules and sanctions without challenge and with good grace;
be thoughtful and considerate;
• be careful of their language, ensuring they are polite and courteous;
be safe, ever mindful of their actions and potential harm or risk to themselves or others;
• be smart, wearing the full uniform in accordance with the College dress code;
be a good citizen, respecting the College environment, helping to keep it clean, tidy and litter free;
and, in doing all the above, make a positive contribution to the College and its wider community.


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