Extending musical skills

Pupils wishing to take performance grades 6 and beyond in their instrument must first pass their Grade 5 Music Theory exam: this is a two-hour online assessment testing them on their knowledge and understanding of western music notation and terminology. For more information, please see the ABRSM Music Theory pages here.

Each year at Sawston Village College, we run a course of evening classes which thoroughly prepares pupils for this exam, equipping them with musical skills extending beyond the syllabus requirements, and deepening their ability to interpret and appreciate the music that they experience. It also provides a solid basis for them to begin composing and notating their own music, which may prove especially useful to those planning on taking GCSE Music.

The 2024-25 Course

This year’s course begins on Thursday, 19 September. Details of the course structure and how to register your child are given below.

Course fee: £80 (£40/term x 2). This is payable via WisePay.

Registration form: You can register here.

Time: Thursdays, 15.15-17:15 (term-time only)

Location: Mu2 (Music Department, Sawston Village College)

The Grade 5 Music Theory course syllabus includes:
  • Note values, rests and grouping of notes
  • Time signatures
  • Pitches and clefs
  • Transposition
  • Major and Minor Scales and key signatures
  • Chromatic scales
  • Intervals
  • Triads and inversions
  • Cadences
  • Ornaments
  • Italian, French and German terms and signs

For more information, please contact Mr Cragg at mcragg@sawstonvc.org.


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