An interesting and rewarding career

Teaching must be one of the most interesting and rewarding careers. If you love your subject, want to inspire and support young people and serve a local community, enjoy an intellectual challenge and like an immensely varied working day, teaching might be the career for you.  

There are numerous routes into teaching.  You could start with a degree in education, or follow-up your subject degree with a postgraduate PGCE.  You can train through a school-university partnership programme such as the world-leading University of Cambridge courses, or through a school direct route such as that offered by the excellent Cambridge Teaching School Network.  You can go into teaching as a first career or as a career change. You can complete training over one year, full time, or take two years over a part-time route.  If you are currently working in a school and wish to transition into a teaching role, there are also additional routes designed specifically for this. 

To find out more, please follow the following links:  

Department for Education guidance: 

Anglian Gateway (our Trust) guidance: 

Cambridge Teaching Schools Network: 

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge: 

If you would like to discuss how to get into teaching, please contact James Woodcock, Assistant Principal, at

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