We have been working with Anna McMahon, Library Development Officer, to look at potential projects to create artwork for the public library in the new Sawston Community Hub. We decided to make banners for the library, working with professional print artist Ricki Outis, and to have this project take place in the three local schools. Sawston was first to get started, where the artist worked with the Year 8 Arts Ambassadors.

Neri Emerson, one of the Year 8 Arts Ambassadors, writes about the project below:

‘At Sawston Village College, we have a team of Arts Ambassadors. These Year 8 pupils help promote the Arts around school. Just before I became an Arts Ambassador, I was chosen to open the new Sawston Library with Lily. The new library is really great, but there’s a very large empty wall that needs some decoration. Working with the library, our school organised a project to make screen-printed banners for the library. On 14 March, the Year 8 Arts Ambassadors enjoyed collaborating with a screen-printing artist on one of these banners, themed around forests and the sky. My design included some dandelion and sycamore seeds floating on the breeze.

We look forward now also to helping at the primary schools (Icknield and Bellbird) to make two more banners for the library.’



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