Watercolour with Confidence offers a chance to get to grips with this
exciting, but often unpredictable medium. With a few simple exercises
the attributes of watercolour can be explored, and the joy of discovery
inspires the way you might like to develop your creativity.
Watercolour is a very flexible medium which can be enjoyed indoors or
outdoors. The materials you choose will affect the way the watercolours
interact and change the appearance of the painting; comprehensive
support is offered to help better understand the properties of materials.
(A recommended list is provided on registration).
The lessons are focused on developing a confident approach to painting.
You will learn techniques in a friendly relaxed environment and be
invited to develop and share your own successes and failures, the latter
being a very important part of the journey as what does not suite one
painting may be exactly what is needed in the next.
You will explore colour, line, value/tone, wash, painting wet into wet, dry
brushing, creating texture, watercolour mediums and the terminology to
help you better navigate the rich array of information available on the
Lessons are structured around a central theme but the work you choose
to develop is based on your own interests. Demonstrations of
techniques and class notes are provided.
You will have the chance to explore how watercolour artists develop
their ideas and consider how watercolour can be incorporated into
developing a painting practice using sketchbooks, photographs, and
more finished pieces.
You will discover what excites you and inspires you to paint and gain a
better understanding of the language used to discuss your work.
Painting is a journey and risk taking and experimenting are part of the
process. You will have the chance to explore subjects that excite you
and learn from your classmates as they follow their chosen areas of
interest. The classes are suitable for beginners and those with more
experience. We will explore, line, colour, tone, and form to progress your
Classes use:
• Demonstrations
• Discussions
• Peer Group Learning
• Gathering information for sketchbooks
• Practical drawing and painting exercises

This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.

Watercolour is a magical medium which can be used in a variety of
ways, but the quality of the materials impacts the results.
Watercolour materials can be very costly. I recommend that you start
with what you have and gradually increase your supplies. Student brand
materials are tempting but they produce muddy results. So that you can
join in the initial session I suggest that you bring what you have, and we
can discuss any concerns in the class. I have outlined what I
recommend but am not expecting you to have everything all at once.
Please bring some paper for drawing, pencils, eraser, sharpener, to the
first session and any watercolour materials you already own or wish to
purchase from my suggestions. There are many excellent brands and the
ones listed are my preference and a guide. Artist quality watercolour is a
joy to work with and tiny drop of paint will go a very long way. The
same applies to paper and brushes
I recommend fewer colours start with and the following brands are my
Windsor and Newton Artist grade tubes
Daniel Smith Watercolour tubes
Sennelier Watercolour tubes
If you already use watercolour pans please bring them to class
140g Cold Press a versatile surface. I recommend Bockingford made by
St Cuthbert’s Mill or SeaWhite Watercolour paper
2 glass jars for water
White china plate for your palette, china is much better than plastic as
the puddles of paint do not pool.
Paper Towel
HB pencil
Putty rubber or blue tack
Craft knife
Masking tape
Rough paper for drawing, cheap cartridge or lining paper recommended
Recommended online suppliers:
Cass Art
Jacksons Art Supplies

Cläre is a mixed media artist passionate about materials and how they
interact. She creates evocative, intuitive paintings inspired by travelling
and storytelling. Her interest in colour and pattern stem from a
fascination with the effects of weathering and decay and the cycle of
regeneration. She works with oil paint, cold wax, acrylics &
watercolour. Her work has been showcased at the Islington
Contemporary Art Fair, The Stroud House Contemporary Gallery,
Gallery Above & Beyond Linton and has been bought by private
collectors. She has been working as a tutor and mentor for eight years
and her special interest is helping empowering learners to find their
visual language and build a confident approach to art making. She
studied Stage Design at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Fine Art at
Central St Martins and Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge
School of Art. Her continued interest in CPD led her take the Creative
Visionary Programme with Nicholas Wilton in 2020.

Course Details

Day Tuesday
Time 14.30-16.30
Weeks/Term 10
Start Date 23/04/2024
Cost £136
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