Course Overview

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Year 7 CARE / Arts Award


CARE lessons introduce Year 7 pupils to the essential aspects and expectations of life and learning at the College.  The introductory lessons ensure pupils are familiar with the school’s CARE values and how they can embody and enact them.  Arts Award highlights to pupils the importance of the arts to a child’s education, experience and wider personal development.  The course enables Year 7 pupils to gain a meaningful and recognised qualification, the Bronze Arts Award. This is also an opportunity for pupils to gain recognition for work derived from existing curriculum projects and experiences.  More generally, the Arts Award element is intended to continue to broaden participation in and appreciation of the arts. 

Ambition for our pupils

Following the introductory CARE lessons, pupils will be familiar with the key character values at Sawston Village College: community, ambition, respect and endeavour.  All pupils will consider what these values mean and what they look like in school and in the wider community.  Our ambition for the Arts Award element of this course is for all pupils to complete their Bronze Arts Award, an accredited qualification. In doing so pupils will explore their passions and creative interests in order to develop themselves as learners, arts leaders and ambitious individuals. 

The structure of our curriculum

CARE/Arts Award lessons occur once per fortnight for Year 7 pupils.  There are two lessons at the beginning of the year which explore the CARE values.  The rest of the course is dedicated to pupils planning, developing and executing the work required of them to achieve their Bronze Arts Award.

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