Playwriting for beginners - Monday

Writing a theatre play from scratch: often tricky to know where to start,
this course will initially help spark those early ideas as we establish the
setting, characters and genre. From there, we’ll work on the ark of the
story, the character journey, how to build a climax and how to be
consistent with the indeed tone. The aim, by the end of the course, is
for the student to have a tight, entertaining 15-20 minute play that
they’d be confident enough to either stage themselves or submit to
drama festivals. Taught with enthusiasm, a fun course – we’ll always
keep the mood light, but with very satisfying results. Perfect for
someone who has ever dreamed of writing a play but doesn’t know
where to start.

My name is Paul Richards and I am a very experienced playwright, having taken 14 shows to the
Edinburgh Fringe festival, as well as seeing my work performed at
RADA and various London festivals. I have had 4 plays published (2 in
the UK, 2 in Canada), my show ‘Some Plays by Paul Richards’ won an
award and my current (now touring) play, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late, ran briefly in London’s West End before the pandemic stopped it, was heavily praised by the Scotsman and is currently being
developed into a feature length movie (shooting commences in August).
I have run this course virtually throughout the last year on Zoom, but
very keen to actually teach it in real life!

Course Details

Day Monday
Time 19.00 - 21.00
Weeks/Term 4
Start Date 09/05/2022
Cost £52
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