PAINTING IN ACRYLICS Wednesday 19.00-21.00

To provide learners with the knowledge of how to control acrylics in
order to paint a wide variety of subject matter. We will be working from
resource images and also be painting objects “from life” in order to
master how to create the illusion of volume and depth. So much of the
skill of painting is in the way you look at the subject matter and so we
will be unpacking the mental preconceptions around colour and form
that can make painting so challenging.
Every lesson will have a theme, accompanied by a practical
demonstration and quick warm up sketches that will allow you to loosen
up, followed by a longer study to put these ideas into practice. I will
also set a research task to complete during the week that will form the
basis for discussion the following class.
Since we will be concentrating on short studies that will teach you the
mechanisms of how paint works, you are not expected to produce
finished pieces in class, although you are welcome to bring in your work
for us to comment on! We will be looking at examples from art history
that we can learn from and uncover the surprising ways in which certain
effects were achieved.
We will do plenty of sketches based on ideas around colour contrast and
harmony so that the skills you learn will help you become confident in
embarking on your own painting projects.

This course is suitable for beginners and more advanced painters that
would like to refresh their skills or get a new angle from which to
approach their painting. I will explain all the terminology that we will
use so that you will be able to become more critical in the way you look
at and talk about painting.
The main requirement for the course is that you are open to new ideas
and develop a positive attitude around the process of painting.

The colours you will need are the following. Ultramarine blue, Alizarin
crimson, Yellow, Titanium white and Black. Windsor and Newton Galeria,
Daler Rowney System 3 and Jackson’s all offer reasonably priced 60 ml.
A variety of flat and round synthetic brushes.
A flat plastic mixing palette or plate.
A plastic water container.
Rags or paper towels
Masking tape.
A4 pad of thick cartridge paper. (If you have any recycled cardboard it
can be sealed with PVA and it makes an excellent surface to paint on.)

I have an MA in Fine Art from the University of the West of England
(UWE) in Bristol and taught painting on the Cardiff School of Art and
Design COAS courses for 8 years.
I have participated in group art exhibitions at the Mall and Bankside
Galleries in London, the RBSA in Birmingham, the RWA in Bristol and
Oriel Canfas in Cardiff.
In 2018 I won the Jackson’s prize at the Royal Watercolour Society’s
annual exhibition.

Course Details

Day Wednesday
Time 19.00-21.00
Weeks/Term 10
Start Date 17/01/2024
Cost £136
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