Exploring Mixed Media Drawing

The mixed media drawing class aims to develop your creative practice by
helping you understanding what excites you and how you can develop
your ideas through drawing. You will be introduced to artists who use
drawing in their practice and see how through experimenting and taking
risks you can develop exciting ways to make marks.
We will use a range of materials and tools to develop your ideas. We
will examine how line, shape, form, space, and texture can be used to
enrich your drawings.
Drawing represents our thoughts; we express our ideas and emotions
through the marks we make. We each have a unique way of seeing the
world and our drawing, much like our handwriting demonstrates our
individuality. You will be introduced to experimental drawing and see
how these can be incorporated into representational or abstract
You will be able to share your discoveries in a relaxed friendly

Clare Basel is a mixed media artist passionate about materials and how they
interact. She creates evocative, intuitive paintings inspired by
travelling and storytelling. Her interest in colour and pattern stem from
a fascination with the effects of weathering and decay and the cycle of
regeneration. She works with oil paint, cold wax, acrylics &
watercolour. Her work has been showcased at the Islington
Contemporary Art Fair, The Stroud House Contemporary Gallery and
has been bought by private collectors.
She has been working as a tutor and mentor for six years and her
special interest is helping empowering learners to find their visual
language and build a confident approach to art making.
During lockdown she has been exploring the potential of mixing fluid
acrylic layers with collage papers and found that these are extremely
versatile materials for both abstract and representational work.
She studied Stage Design at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Fine
Art at Central St Martins and Children’s Book Illustration at the
Cambridge School of Art. Her continued interest in CPD led her take
the Creative Visionary Programme with Nicholas Wilton in 2020.

Course Details

Day Tuesday
Time 10.00-12.00
Weeks/Term 10
Start Date 20/09/2022
Cost £136
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